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The Beginning of a journey

It’s buriful to have you here! Every end marks a magical beginning. — Angela Merkel Sitting behind my starry computer screen anxiously waiting for my coding facilitator, a wonderful thought descends upon my mind. It is the tiny familiar old voice, that echoes soothingly deep deep down. This time it is rather brief and concise like a midday epiphany. As the end draws near and … Continue reading The Beginning of a journey

My dear dream, kindly come true

A million thoughts float through my dingy room, searching my head with a look of doom. Words, never said, questions never answered, deep conversations never made. Buzzing loud, caressing in words, feelings, so intense. Why me?  There are lone cemeteries, tombs full of soundless bones, the heart threading a tunnel, a dark, dark tunnel: like a wreck we die to the very core, as … Continue reading My dear dream, kindly come true